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Jesus Robocop Christ - Movie Metaphors

Over the years there have been some really obvious Jesus Christ symbolism in films

To be honest you find christ metaphors pretty much anywhere if you look hard enough

Even in film about Jesus there are desperate attempts to shoehorn in some iconism. As an example did you know Mel Gibson insisted that his hands be used in the crucifixion scene in The Passion of the Christ. Yep thats Mel hammering in the nails, wonder if he was shit faced..Anyway.

One place you wouldn’t expect to see the appearance of the Devine one is in the 1987 dystopian sci-fi film Robocop

A lot of the time metaphors in films are fan theories, people reading too deeply in to the images or deliberately part of the directors vision. And this one falls into the latter with Verhoeven stating

"The point of Robocop, of course, is it is a Christ story. It is about a guy that gets crucified after 50 minutes, then is resurrected in the next 50 minutes”

So where is the evidence?

Well the symbolism is quite thin to be honest…

But there are a couple of stand out scenes..

Firstly during the death of Murphy there some parallels…

Murphy is in a crucifixion like pose and Bodderick and his stock standard bad guys shoot directly in the centre of Murphy hand…Like the hammering of the nail..

But instead of a rusty nail..its a bullet from a gun merely inches away..again a bit of a stretch..

However the most obvious metaphor is the fact that Robocop is depicted to be walking on water..

Now Verhoeven was right, he was resurrected like Jesus. However Jesus spent his days helping the poor and the needy.

But Robocop administers a different type of Love…And thats shooting off your cock.. Peppering bullets everywhere…..obliterating bad guys and protecting the streets of a dystopian Detroit…Funnily enough this Is pretty much what Detroit is like these days.

The movie is group breaking and has great cast. .The Dad from That 70’s show and Peter Weller Portraying Robocop.. Who is now an art critic would you believe..Not Robocop Peter Weller is an art critic..It also Stars Nancy Allen who can only hit a shooting target from 3 inches apparently and Miguel Ferrer who will always be Albert from Twin Peaks.

It also stars Ray Wise, who was in twin Peaks and it also stars Dan O’Herlihy who was also in Twin Peaks…

Shit Maybe Robocop is an abstraction created by Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks, maybe Robocop is Dale Cooper…

Or maybe both movies had the same casting director.

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